June 11th and 12th

This may be a day late, but on June 11th, we had the pleasure of having Nat Arem, the owner of hookgrip, at our gym. He’s no less than a great guy who takes great photographs of weightlifters! Be sure to check out his website at www.hookgrip.com to get some great posters, we have a few of his up at Coffee’s and people love them! (Including me)

– A shot of our platforms, courtesy of Nat Arem

– Edward Baker front squatting 200 kg, courtesy of Nat Arem

– From left to right: Edward Baker, Rachael Bommicino, John Coffee, Nat Arem

VIDEO: Yesterday, Rachel York worked up to 95 kg in an exercise complex that consisted of 2 front squats, followed by 2 jerks. In the next couple of weeks, everyone is going to be tapering off for this year’s Senior Nationals, so expect to see some big lifts soon! Here’s the video; please subscribe to our channel!

– Edward Baker

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