The Tempest

by Edward Baker

The big meet is over, preparation for the next has begun. You didn’t feel like you made quite the progress you’d have hoped. With an insatiable champion’s mentality, you’ll never be quite satisfied. Back to the drawing board to figure out where you went wrong, where to start off, and where you have to finish.
There will be days when the will to lift comes naturally. From warmup to working sets, all of the lifts you make will feel as though you were born holding a barbell. A good lift will further inspire you, and the extra inspiration will enable you to complete even more good lifts in succession. These days come easy.
There will be days when nothing feels quite right. The first warmup feels heavy, the lifts feel irregular and never quite in the groove; even the knurling of the bar feels foreign as you grasp it. And out of nowhere this trickle of bad days becomes a storm, and in no time you’re dejected before even stepping foot in the gym.
Then you remember that you’re in this for the long haul, and have to keep moving forward. The tempest is stagnant; No matter how discouraging, how unpromising, how rocky the path seems, as long as you keep moving forward you’ll escape the storm. And once again will you and the barbell move in harmony.

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