I am happy to announce that in the next few months I will be opening up a Weightlifting facility in Marietta, Georgia. It will be located in conjunction with CrossFit Dwala and will contain 4 training platforms, a power rack, and a set of Jerk blocks. Each platform will be equipped with a complete set of Eleiko bumper and change plates along with a Eleiko Men and Women’s bar. Voodoo Weightlifting will offer Open Gym hours, along with personal training and Small Group training sessions.

If you’re currently looking for Weightlifting instruction, whether it’s being taught the Olympic lifts from complete scratch, or you need to correct some bad habits, fill out the form below and I will be happy to work with you. All of my coaching is now taking place out of CrossFit Dwala.

Carrying out John Coffee’s wishes, a Coffee’s Gym Weightlifting facility will not be reopened, but the competitive team will still exist off of the lineage that he created. Voodoo Weightlifting is a term coined by Weightlifting coach Bob Takano to characterize John’s coaching style, so I found my mentor’s coaching style to be a fitting name for a Weightlifting facility. Soon I will be launching the Voodoo Weightlifting website and more information will be posted there. Thank you everyone for your support over the past year, we will keep you updated as we go!

– Edward Baker