Remote Coaching

Remote Coaching by Edward Baker
Online coaching will entail you receiving a weekly program based on your individual needs (not some cookie cutter program) and being able to get in touch with me via through Facebook/e-mail/phone throughout the week. This includes video analysis, I do not charge extra for this as watching your videos only helps me to serve you better as a coach.

​On your end, I ask that you give me feedback at the end of your workout, and that you video your lifts any time you get the chance! At the conclusion of each week a new training program for the following program will be written based on the performance of the week prior.

What you Get:

– Individualized Routine at the beginning of each week:
No human being is the same, so in order to make the most progress the training should be tailored for the individual athlete.

– Unlimited video analysis:
Ensures that lifts are being performed properly and allows for technical adjustments to be made when needed.

– Unlimited communication 7 days/week:
Regular communication between coach and athlete assures that routines are written in agreement with the athlete’s physical state; adjustments are made to maintain a balance between stimulus and recovery!

Cost: $185/month

I keep my numbers intentionally small, so response time will be fast.

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