Coffee’s Gym

Coffee’s Gym was a gym in Marietta, Georgia from 1980 to 2018. It served as home to numerous competitive athletes, with an emphasis on Olympic Weightlifting. Due to unfortunate health issues, the owner John Coffee was unable to continue running the gym and ceased operations of Coffee’s in May of 2017. Coffee’s Gym continues to exist as a competitive team.

John Coffee

John Coffee has been involved in the sport of Weightlifting for over fifty years. Referred to in Ironmind magazine as the “Lost prophet of weightlifting”, he has coached and produced Olympians, a world champion, and numerous Pan American and National Champions. John’s lifters have won 36 out of the 70 medals that America’s women earned at the Senior Worlds. His team, Coffee’s Gym, has won a total of 19 Women’s Senior National Team Titles. He has worked with athletes in all experience levels, from complete beginners, to elite level professionals.

“Lifters know John Coffee and they love his gym! That’s the place with iron, lots of it, because it gets lifted there. All of it! But, for me, as much as I enjoyed my months working out there, his home was the place to go! Tell you why. John’s library contains by far the most comprehensive collection of books on lifting, fitness, bodybuilding and sports training I have ever seen! I’ve seen a few too!  Let me put it this way…John has read every one of those books, and if he retained one tenth of what he read, he’s quite probably the most knowledgeable expert on lifting in this or any other country! Really!”

– Fred ‘Dr. Squat’ Hatfield, President of ISSA, first man to ever squat 1000 lbs

“I have read a lot about John Coffee over the years and all of these articles were very favorable. More recently one of his students, Cindy Morrison, came to Scotland for Highland Games and she told me that John had played a major role in her successful quest for major powerlifting titles. It was therefor a great pleasure to meet him when he and a group from his famous club came to the Stark Center of Physical Culture and Sports, in the University of Texas, at which I am honored to work for a few months each year. I hold him in high regard and wish him continued success in his efforts.”

– David Webster OBE, founder of International Highland Games Federation

Edward Baker

Best Competition Lifts (105 kg):
Snatch: 147 kg/324 lb
​Clean & Jerk: 186 kg/410 lb

​Edward has been competing in the sport of Weightlifting for ten years, six of which under the tutelage of John Coffee. He is currently a USAW Advanced Sports Performance coach (formerly known as Level 2) and his accomplishments include:

  • Founded Georgia Barbell Club at the University of Georgia (2014 Men’s and Women’s USA Weightlifting National University Team Champions)
  • 2014 World University Team Member
  • 2014 National University Champion
  • 2009 Sub-17 Pan American Bronze Medalist
  • 2009 School-Age National Champion

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