Remote Coaching

Remote Coaching by Edward Baker
Online coaching is a weekly program based on your individual needs. The package includes contact throughout the week (Facebook, e-mail and phone), as well as video analysis. I do not charge extra for watching your videos, as this only helps me to serve you better as a coach.

On your end, I ask that you provide feedback at the end of your session, as well as an occasional video of your lifts. Each subsequent week’s training will be written based on the performance of the week prior.

What you Get:

– Individualized Routine at the beginning of each week:
To get the most out of each session, training is tailored to the individual athlete.

– Unlimited video analysis:
Allows for technical adjustments to be made when needed.

– Unlimited communication 7 days/week:
Consistent communication between the coach and athlete assures that routines are written in agreement with the athlete’s physical state; adjustments are made to maintain a balance between stimulus and recovery.

Cost: $185/month

I keep my athlete-numbers intentionally small, so response time will be fast.

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